Leicester Housing

Leicester Housing

I just got my housing offer for Leicester today! This is my housing called Freeman’s Common. I’ll be on the 2nd floor of one of the buildings in room 7 (by the way, in case you really wanted to know all of the details :p) I’ll have my own room and I’ll be there until July 21st of next year! It’s really crazy to think about being there for so long, but I’m so excited!


Hello world!


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So, I figure that it was about time that I start my travel blog! I’ll be studying abroad for the year at the University of Leicester in England. I’ll be posting here about all the adventures and travels that experience while I’m over there.

I was inspired to start my blog up because I bought my plane ticket to London two days ago. I can hardly believe that it’s real, that I’m going to actually live in England for a year. Every time I watch the Olympics and realize I’ll be there in  only 47 days, I can barely contain my excitement. In fact, I think my family is a bit sick of me watching it because of that :p

Anyways, my schedule for leaving so far is:

September 16: Leave North Carolina for New York

September 17: Leave from JFK for London Heathrow Airport

September 18-22: Travel around London.

September 22: Leave for Leicester

Oh yeah, and for all of you who have tumblr and don’t want to look at a wordpress, I’ll be posting the same things at my travel tumblr: